3 Best Ways + Tips To Build A Successful Relationship and Marriage

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3 (Three) Best Ways + Tips To Build A Successful Relationship and Marriage.

1. Be Strong in Faith: When your faith is strong, it is impossible for you to bow under any pressure or challenging situations. In your marriage/relationship, put your faith to work. When you discover what God’s word says about your marriage and put it to work, refusing to doubt or stagger, you’re exhibiting strong faith which will always work for you (Romans 4:19-21).

2. Give Substance to Your Hope: Marriage is like a journey of no return; you don’t plan to go in and suddenly come out. Make up your mind that your marriage will produce positive results. Hope doesn’t change therefore; you expectations shall not be cut off. So begin to act in a manner that you have hope that all is well with your marriage/relationship (Philippians 4:6).

3. Be Humble & Honest: In your marriage/ relationship, don’t pretend. Be genuine and honest. Don’t try to become someone you’re not, learn to speak the truth always. Do things that are right in the sight of God and according to the Worldly system (Romans 12:2).

This Week Love Tips:

  • Never talk fear, speak faith filled words.
  • Never give up on your love – life; marriage/relationship.
  • Keep faith alive always.
  • Set your priorities aright.
  • Out do your past.

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