Health Tips: 3 Reasons Why You Should Kick Light Weights

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Health Tips: 3 Reasons Why You Should Kick Light Weights

It’s easy to get intimidated once you near the weight rack. To your left, a man’s reaching for 50-pound dumbbells. To your right, someone else is deadlifting a 200-pound barbell.

There are plenty of other reasons to kick light weights, aside from gains galore. Check out this 3 benefits of kicking light weights:


When you find something you’re good at, sometimes it’s hard to deviate from your new normal. For example: Runners can become better runners by doing an activity other than running, like participating in weight training and adding variety into their routine that might otherwise put an athlete at risk for overuse injuries. “Building strength in the core muscles and the entire kinetic chain may improve athletic performance as well as athletic longevity by playing a role in injury prevention,” says Carter.


Of course strength training is good for muscles, but it also helps your bone density, according to Dr. Cordelia Carter, director of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center at NYU Langone Health. “When a bone is loaded by weight-bearing activity (light-weight strength training included), it gets stronger so that it can withstand the additional stress,” she says. “This is why strength training is recommended for people as they get older, as a way to mitigate age-related bone loss and the associated risk of fragility fracture.” Plus, building a strong bone bank when you’re young may also be a way to protect against osteoporosis and fracture as we age.


“The most notable physical benefits to training with light weights is muscular endurance and toning,” says Kara Liotta, creative director at FlyBarre, the popular sculpting class from the FlyWheel Spin empire. Inside of FlyBarre, class-goers often do tiny movements (Think: A plie pulse) for 20+ reps at a time.

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