5 Sleep Hygiene Tips To Reduce Your Back Pain

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5 “Five” Additional Sleep Hygiene Tips

Hello, check out this other ideas for how you can grow healthier rest at night and reduce your Back Pain.

NO. 1> Place yourself on a sleep timetable.

It might be tough to resist sleeping in if you toss and turn all night. Still, setting regular bedtimes and wake times can help your body fall into a more natural sleeping pattern. Aim to get around eight hours of sleep per night.

NO. 2> Skip caffeinated drinks like tea & coffee. If you just have to drink a cup, finish your last one before noon.

NO. 3> Ideas include taking a bath, doing some gentle yoga, and engaging in quiet hobbies like knitting or reading.

NO. 4> Having trouble with a sleep timetable? Try following a nightly routine.

  • Start this routine about 30 to 60 minutes before your set bedtime.
  • Choose two calming activities that help place your mind into a relaxing space.

NO. 5> Save hard exercise for the morning or early afternoon hours. Doing anything too rigorous before bed may raise your adrenaline levels and even your body temperature. These two factors make it even harder to sleep.

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