The Choice is Yours “Both Of These Women Are 74 Years Old”

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74 Years Old, The Choice is Yours: Have you heard the sayings that “life isn’t fair!” “God is a partial “Why would these things happen to me?”.

All these and many more are sayings we have heard and still hearing and if you are not grounded with spirited letters of God’s word, you will think same way too!

We are all offered same measure of time. Same rain fall. Same sunlight from the sun rays and same boisterous winds and gentle breezes. But the turn of events in our different lives are all a result of what we do with what was fair, good and ugly thrown at us!

Whenever I talk to my siblings and some few proteges, I like to say this to their medulaoblongata: “No one owes anything in this life, rather you owe anyone and everyone because of the commandment that says, ‘love your neighbour as yourself!’.

Two wonderful beautiful women. One looked extremely happy and the other looked the NORM and expectations of her possible age.

See, the woman on the wheelchair has not done any wrongs to keep her there. She is just living what is expected of her age. Old age syndrome you would say. And we are glad she is alive and ‘living’ for God too (if that’s the case here).

The other woman who looked ‘exercisely‘ trim, young bodily and excitedly happy is a woman who is living against the NORM and expectations of society and our cultural values. Infact, this new looks of hers is as a result of much work on herself than the NORM.

This is exactly what happens to us as a people whether #Jesus sleeps on the same bed we are sleeping or not. That moment you arise above the NORMS, you go overboard and even the Heavens are surprised at your perseverance and pursuits of your new looks and callings.

Stop defending stuff that are the NORMS but bring you sadness, sickness, pity living and the likes when you can STRETCH yourself for that life of happiness, joyful, worth emulating, healthy and bouncing etc.

The Bible enjoins us to “ask that your JOY maybe FULL!” After asking, move towards DOING what you have asked of and pursue, stretch and ensure you get that which you have pictured in your mind.

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