2018 Tips: Bonus Data & Airtime Volume for Glo Yakata

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Whether you consume a large amount of monthly data, or you need to make several phone calls, the new tariff accommodates it all.

How to migrate to Glo Yakata

If you don’t have a Glo sim yet, it’s as easy a buying one and you’ll automatically get the plan. As for old customers, you can migrate using a short code.

The migration code for Glo Yakata is *220#

And to confirm you have migrated to the plan dial #100#

After subscribing, you can begin to enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with the new plan.

Pay attention:

Bonus Data & Airtime Volume for Glo yakata

Here’s how it works: Every recharge from ₦100 – ₦5 000 gives you a value of 22 times the recharge amount.

The table below provides further details:

Recharge Amt Voice Main Acct
Voice Bonus Acct(N) Data Value
Data Benefit on 1stRecharge of the Month* Data benefit on Subsequent Recharges Total Value
N100 100 350 1,750 50MB 50MB 2,200
N200 200 700 3,500 250MB 100MB 4,400
N500 500 1,750 8,750 625MB 250MB 11,000
N1,000 1,000 3,500 17,500 1.25GB 500MB 22,000
N5,000 5,000 17,500 87,500 6.25GB 2.5GB 110,000

All bonuses are valid for 7 days; and you’ll be charged with the following rates:

55 kobo per seconds to Glo calls.

70 Kobo per seconds for calls made to other networks in Nigeria.

Note: your bonus is only valid for calling Nigerian number. If you call international numbers, the money will be charged from your main balance.

Bonus Data & Airtime Volume for Glo Yakata 2018 Tips

How to check Glo Yakata Bonus balance

The bonus data will be credited to your main data balance, so you can check it using the regular *127*0#; while other bonuses can be checked by dialing *220*1#.

How to unsubscribe from Glo Yakata

It simple, just dial the code of the new plan you wish to migrate to. However, it may come at an extra-cost of ₦100 if your previous migration was made within the previous 30days.

Another point to note is that you can’t use your bonus balance to subscribe to value added services, neither can you transfer nor share it with friends.

I hope you enjoy the new tariff while it lasts. You never can tell, Nigerian telecommunication companies keep changing their prepaid and postpaid plans every year, so we don’t know how long we’re gonna see this tariff stay. But we do hope it lasts for a very long time.

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