Casey J New Music “The Gathering” Now Available

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Casey, a former elementary school teacher, grew up in a house filled with God’s Word, watching as her grandmother hosted Bible studies and home church groups. That passion for taking the Gospel outside of traditional church settings now rests on Casey who began holding “pop up worship” events in public spaces.

For The Gathering album, Casey and friends recorded at the park-like setting of Serenbe just outside of Atlanta. The resulting 10-track album captures the beauty and power of corporate worship with an eclectic style that mixes Gospel, Pop and Americana influences and lyrics that connect with Christians and those who may know nothing about church. You can watch some of the live recording at “If God/Nothing But The Blood” video and “The Gathering” title track video. Also, Casey performs acoustic versions of both songs at “The Gathering” and “If God/Nothing But The Blood”.

From Casey:

“It all started with the question, ‘What about the people who aren’t coming to church?’. So God placed it in our hearts to just start popping up at local parks in Atlanta with one agenda: to gather people together and share God’s love using worship as our vehicle… we would pack up guitars, percussion instruments, and a few blankets and just sit in the grass and sing.”

“We started to see something beautiful… an intersection between the Church and those who we are called to serve that reached beyond just our Sunday experiences. From that grass grew a deep and solid purpose to create experiences that put all eyes on Him — both inside and outside of the church — and to write music that is the soundtrack to not only Sunday mornings on pews but Tuesday afternoons under the stars.”

Even the album cover was chosen to reflect that…
“The heart behind the record The Gathering was to bring together people from all walks of life… people who didn’t look or sound the same, people who are far from Christ and those who have committed their whole lives to ministry. That’s what we do when we host pop-up worship events.

Perhaps it’s not in a church, but out in the open where people gather like a collection of wildflowers. Each is unique and beautiful and sometimes sprouts up in the most unlikely of places. But it’s my honor and privilege to lead them – wherever they are – to God and to an awareness of Him through worship. For me, this cover perfectly captures that idea.”

Download HereCasey J New Music The Gathering

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