New Gospel Music: Jeffery Songz – Shine Shine

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Barely a month after releasing Keep Saying It Renowned Gospel Urban and Song Writer JEFFERY SONGZ is back with another prophetic tune. The KEEP SAYING IT, LIFTED and NEVER AGAIN crooner is set to get your groove on with SHINE SHINE produce by PEDRO THE AWESOME. It’s worthy of note that  every single song released by JEFFERY is known to carry a message from God to the world which Shine Shine is not an exception.

Jeffery Songz – Shine Shine Lyrics

Verse 1
See my life is the light of the world ooo. 
See my life is the glory of God oo
I am a city that is set on the hill
You see this light, it can never be hidden oo

Oya Tell me how you want shine oo

I go dey shine
I go dey shine ooo
I go dey shine x4

Verse 2
Any where you enter
You go dey shine
Anywhere your name is mentioned.
You go they shine
Even in your business
You go they shine

You go dey shine ooo you go they shine ooo
You go dey shine

Anywhere I enter
I go dey shine
Anywhere my name is mentioned
I go they shine
Even in my office
I go dey shine.

I go they shine ooo
I go they shine ooo
I go they shine.

Light e dey here
E dey 2x
Abi e no dey
E dey ooooo e dey.

Favour dey here
E dey
Blessing dey here
E dey
Abi e no dey
E dey oooo what dey x2

The end.

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