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GospelMinds Entertainment – Here is a true life story by one of PH prolific gospel singer, Paul Moses popularly known as De-Apostle.

To fully understand and appreciate this song, please read his story below

My Story: The Reason behind the New Song, entitled “I Bring My Praise”.

Everyone has a story to tell, here is my story……………….

The devil captured me at a very tender age of 8yrs old when I started misbehaving, I remember how my parent will flogged me and put pepper in my eyes, but I will not listen, the following day I will do the worse, at about the age of ten, a man who claimed to be a prophet came to our house, on seeing me looked at me and called my dad and was talking with him, he said this boy something is wrong with him, this boy will not amount to anything in life, that I will be wayward, after that pronouncement, I became so stubborn that my parent finds it very difficult to control me, between the age of 11 & 13 years, I will sneaked out of the house by 1:00am midnight alone to attend a burial wake keep no matter the distance, at the age of 15, I finally left my parent to stay alone with some friends around the school area and I was introduced to smoking of marijuana which later became an addiction that took me about 15 years to quit.

DeApostle (Paul Moses) My Story

At age 19, there was a conspiracy against me, I was accused by the chiefs and elders of my community of being one of the criminal terrorising my community and my name was shortlisted to SARS through a letter with my community’s letterhead signed by the chiefs to be killed but GOD saved ME, immediately after that incident, I lost my dad and three days after the burial I called my mom and told her that I’m moving to Port Harcourt, my mom was in deep tears when I left home that day, I can’t give you the details of what I faced when I landed in port Harcourt with no house to stay, no food to eat, I was man alone, living in absolute freedom and liberty to do anything I wanted to do with no guardian, no adviser, no sense of direction.

DeApostle (Born Paul Moses)

Indeed if not for the love and mercy of Jesus, I could have used my hands to destroy myself.  Another great deliverance is the recent one in 2016 August 19th to precise when I had a dispute with my step brother in the morning and he swore that he will eliminate me, that same day at about 8: pm as I went out with my mom, a car came from nowhere and hit us with full a range speed my mom died in my stead and I survived, the following day my step brother ran away from home and has not returned till now. Friends, my life indeed has been a journey mixed with so many errors, mistakes, failures, disappointments, bitterness and tears, but God has never left me all the way, today my life is a bundle of testimonies, today I, am happily married with a peaceful family, above all, God is using me to be a blessing to the body of Christ as I travel to places to minister the gospel of JESUS through music.

No matter how your life is, don’t give up on God and don’t give up on yourself, if God could change me and use me today, then there is nobody that He cannot change. God bless you.

Parents please always pray for your children no matter their behaviour, it might be that the devil has seen the glorious fruits and destiny that he or she is carrying and want to destroy it. Now I degree every satanic attempt to destroy your destiny is cancel in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

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