Efe Nathan – Broken (Album) + Biography

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Efe Nathan is known for her energetic, heart-stirring worship songs and she takes it many notches higher on this one as this song comes from the deepest fountain of Worship. She is widely known for her hit songs Still within the flow, Nobody Like You and Great and Marvelous. Her last released album BROKEN has received lots of positive reviews.

Efe Nathan has graced many platforms all over the world, leading hundreds of thousands in worship.

1 I Declare (Medley): I Declare / You Are the Only Living God / Fi Agbara Re Han / Ancient of Days as Old as You Are / You Are Worthy to Be Glorified / Fi Agbara Re Han / We Declare 7:06
2 Nobody Like You 6:27
3 Still Within the Flow 5:10
4 More 4:35
5 Jesu Seun 4:08
6 We Worship II (feat. Nathaniel Bassey) 3:25
7 I See It 3:28
8 I’m in Love with You (feat. J Treash) 4:00
9 Praise Break

10 King of All 4:27
11 High Praise 3:43
12 Renew Me (feat. Gabrielle Isa) 5:57
13 God You Rock! (feat. JFC) 4:39
14 God of Everything 4:04
15 I Declare (Vintage) 3:03
16 We Worship 3:38
17 I Give It All 3:48
18 Lift Your Hands (feat. Mike Abdul) 3:40

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