Social Club Misfits Releases Single “Tamo Aqui” Off Upcoming EP

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Capitol Christian Music hip hop group Social Club Misfits is gearing up to release a new EP this fall. The DOOM EP drops September 20 but fans can hear new music today with the pre-release track “Tamo Aqui”. Social Club Misfits calls the upcoming release “emotional” saying “this is the greatest project we have ever made.”

Comprised of MCs Marty and Fern, the duo is known for their provocative oeuvre and singular, quick-witted approach to music by pushing boundaries and redefining the possibilities of their music. Pre-order the new DOOM EP today.


Tamo aquí
Tan tirando pero tamo aquí
Bueno malo siempre tamo aquí
Tu me da la bendición
Pa cantar esta canción

Si me buscan dile estamo aquí
Bad vibes to the side
Siempre tamo aquí
With the squad we gone ride
Siempre tamo aquí
Tu no da la bendición
Pa cantar esta canción
Si me preguntan dile tamo aquí

Tamo aquí, con palabras en colores como el arcoiris
Porfavor, I am living proof que mi Dios existe
Listen, son los Bulls del 96
Jordan Pippen otra vez
Dile a todos que si tamo aquí
Tamo aquí con la comida de mami
Orando por la bendicion manos pal cielo de papi
Ugh tengo que darle mas life is more than me
Y esta onda es de las grande no hay otra asì
I’m dancing to the beat pero de corazon
Imagine how I felt when I wrote this without using a stroke
Without losing my mind, sin pederme la fe
Ayy el hijo prodigo but the glory is His
And Mom and Dad, I love you, me criaron bien
I will never be lost again, I have GPS
Pa to que nos appoyan los amamos pa tra
Y sin no’s estan buscando saben donde estamos
Tamo aquí

This here for the family, for the family ya
Never did it for the money, for the money ya
Man, this year I need Grammy, need a Grammy ya
So, I can show off to my primo
I’ve been busy, I’ve been working, I’ve been emo
Felt a lil depressed, had to take a break from people
Lord, I was a mess, now we balling ocho cinco
And they saying they impressed, but they copy like it’s Kinkos
Ja tu sabe
Now I got the keys, got the drive ya
I throw up my hands, I’m the champ, I’m like Chavez
They say they the man, got em sick, got them graves
Pulling up to conference
We the new Congress
It’s God’s plan
Vote for Marty that’s for presidente
Every song is flames muy caliente
Hoping off the plane like a flight attendant
Only here for the night, but you hear me singing

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