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Lil Raskull appears courtesy of Javo Records

Jesus walks
(I walk with God)
So I walk with Him
(I walk with God)

I got half my mind
(My mind)
Gone half the time
(The time)
Other half I’m blind
(I’m blind)
But it’s by design
I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God
I live my life
(My life)
And don’t think twice
(Think twice)
Stand for my rights
(That’s right)
‘Cause that’s my right
(Move on)
I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God

(Verse 1)
(Lil Raskull)
I literally don’t know what’s up with me
(What’s up with me)
Rapping has been such a crutch for me
I probably take it too seriously
They listen but they don’t be hearing me
(They don’t be hearing me)
My homie burnt up in a SUV
He screamed for his life and got empathy
The rescuer tried but his sympathy
Couldn’t keep you alive you a memory
(You a memory)
I hope when I make to Heaven I see all the people that we took for granted
I’m not a glutton for punishment I don’t think everyone need reprimanding
The people that we take for granted
Are put in our life for examples

So when I make to Heaven I hope to tell you all that I understand this
Blind raise these children
(These children)
Don’t know if a million feel him
Where I’m at they not
(They not)
Too far to catch up with him
(He gone)
I speak to her she willing
I don’t care what they say
No I don’t want sex love
No your boy ain’t thirsty
I just want keep it real
I don’t care who you are
I don’t care how you feel
I don’t care what you say
I don’t care who they is
I don’t care if you mad
You ain’t the boss of me
(No siree)
Honestly I shouldn’t listen if you ain’t make Heaven my life ain’t affected
Honestly God is expecting somebody be real even if they rejected


(Verse 2)
Jesus walks
So I walk with Him
I’m feeling different now
Must be my reasons
I’ve got 2 kids, a mortgage, and a car note
And feel some type of way about that chick trying me for child support
Lace up my kicks it’s time for flight
(Take off)
I walk by faith and not by sight
(You know it)
No need to ask Him why
I know He got my best in mind
So I can keep cool every night
So Imma keep trodding along with my song
(Keep walking)
And let His joy fill me like all day long
(All day)
And cast my worries away
‘Cause I trust God every single day
Every day
All day
Take time
Got too much love just to live with hate
10 out of 10 choose real over fake
Plot twist
Be careful who you give your heart to
You might get stabbed in the back
And betrayed with a kiss and an I do


I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God
I walk with God


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