Google Ads is apprising the ‘Placements’ column in Reports Editor

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Google Ads is Changing how ‘Placements’ data is displayed in Reports Editor to show the same data that’s displayed in the ‘Placements’ section of campaigns and ad groups.

This change is rolling out over the coming weeks and will only include manually targeted placements.

To be clear, placements refer to the locations on the Google Display Network where an ad appears. Placements can include relevant websites and apps that show Google ads, for example.

Previously, the ‘Placements’ column in Reports Editor included data for automatically targeted placements. That means the new data won’t include all the placements where ads have been shown, it will only include placements that you have chosen to target.

You can still get all placements data, however, so Google is not leaving users with less data. There are two ways to view all placements where an ad has shown:

Use the placement (group) filter in the Report Editor.

View the “Where ads showed” section within campaigns and ad groups.


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