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Zibi Festus is a sensational, phenomenon worship leader, lab scientist, psalmist, a passionate lover of God. After being officially unveiled into the gospel music world with the release of her single MIRACLE WORKING GOD (2018).

She has been privileged by God’s grace to minister in same platform with Freke Umoh, Asu Ekiye, Emmygrace, Bannerman etc likewise in programs like 12HOURS PRAISE RCCG Bayelsa, HOSSANAH PRAISE LCGM Warri, Delta State etc.

Zibi’s is back again in 2019 with her new single “ANCIENT of DAYS”. God that can’t fail, bigger than what people say, seasons change, the world’s government change, human’s change but in her word’s she says as old as God is, He will never change. ANCIENT OF DAYS!

LYRICS: for ‘ANCIENT OF DAYS’ By Zibi Festus

Intro: chant in tongues

Ancient of days you will never fail
Ancient of days,you’re bigger than what people say
Ancient of days,you reign in majesty
As old as you are,you never change 2×)
(lead singer sings)

Chant in tongues


The God of creation beginning&the end
Alpha&omega,the one who was,who is
Rock of ages,everlasting God.
Seasons will change,lord you never change….
Times&seasons will change,lord you never change.

Repeat chorus twice

Lift your voice&sing this sound of Victory
Oh 7×(melody)

Response: Inye lelema

God of all flesh, there is nothing too hard for you to do.

Response: Inye lelema (continues)

[Chant in tongues]

Ancient of days,lord you reign forever more,king of Glory, prince of peace&lord of lords,i am that I am

[Chant in tongues]

Ancient of days Idigabawabawey
Ancient of days, Ikaririyansinibu
Ancient of days, Idigabawabawey
Ancient of days, you never, never change
As old as you are, you never change.

Listen, Download and Be Bless


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