Mike Bamiloye – Unplugged for what?

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Mike Bamiloye “Unplugged for what?!” So, What happens, when you unplug yourself from the Power Source of the Most High?

Your life becomes boring… you are at the mercy of the household enemies….your life remained uncovered by the power of God….You are seriously empty….you become helpless and hopeless…Oh! What happens, when you allow the devil to unplug you from the Maker of the Heavens and Earth? You become the devil’s prey…you become his meat for dinner… Oh! You are on your own.

So, get yourself plugged back.
Get yourself restored to the Power Source.
Get Recharged with a million volts to electrocute the forces that confront you.
You are a child of the Most High! Selah!

Source Credit: @mikebamiloye

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