MUSIC VIDEO: I Never Knew You By Falcone Rising

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Falcone Rising, the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter, returns with a new sophomore single titled “I Never Knew You,” the newest song and video comes directly from Matthew 7:13-23. Look forward to hearing what you think below, and please feel free to pass this message on to your friends and family. It actually is a matter of life or death!

“’I Never Knew You’ addresses the finality of judgment, the eternal implications, and a very important point that a works-based approach is critically flawed,” says Falcone.

This song is really about me,” adds Falcone. “I used to be the man in the song. Had I died years ago, I would have listed a bunch of ‘good things’ I did as evidence of my salvation. But, I would have been rightfully judged to eternal damnation, with ‘I Never Knew You’ as the final words I would ever hear.”

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