MUSIC VIDEO: TY Bello – Over The Earth [WATCH NOW]

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Spontaneous Worship At Ty Bello’s Ft. Ty Bello In Over The Earth

Out of the pressing always comes out oil. These have been difficult times for the earth. But I love how God always turns what was meant for evil into a beautiful outpouring of the power of the Holy Spirit. God is close to us now more than ever before. All you have to do is reach out, and He’ll fill you with His Spirit.

Recorded by Joshkeyz

Keys by Joshkeyz

Performed by TY Bello

Arranged by TY Bello and JoshKeyz

Mixed and Mastered by JoshKeyz

Filmed by Temiloluwa Films and Adelodun Akinwale

Edited by Temiloluwa Films

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