Treatment: Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy throughout The Covid-19 Pandemic

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In these trying times where so many things seem so uncertain, one thing that we can be certain about is that we are capable of keeping our hair healthy even while salons are closed. I am a Celebrity Stylist and Master Cosmetologist Abby Anointed Styles here to give you some tips on how this can be done.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
Though it may be bonnet, and headscarf season, while we all quarantining in the house, we still need to maintain our mane! Pumping moisture into your tresses is one way to avoid
breakage during this time. Find a good leave-in conditioner and a good oil serum that works with your particular texture. It is also important to do a deep moisture treatment bi weekly, this will
help pump moisture into your hair especially if you are having dry hair issues.

Try aloe vera plant they can be used to create homemade hand sanitizer and some can be put aside for a deep treatment. Olive oil and mayonnaise are also deep treatment options. Take a look in your kitchen you’ll be surprised to see what you can find as deep treatment options.

2. Comb Your Hair And Avoid the Tangles
With all that is going on it is very easy to forget simple daily hair maintenance routines, like combing your hair. Detangling your hair daily will keep you from excessive breakage and matting issues from neglect. Take your time and comb through your hair from ends to roots working your way up to the scalp. For thicker hair a wide tooth comb works best or a paddle brush for finer hair textures. Either way tangles are not your friend.

3. Schedule a video appointment with your stylists
With social distancing video calling is the new socializing. Ask your stylist if they would be willing to walk you through ways you can maintain and style your hair. Take out that curling iron
you never use or try that natural hair twist out look you always wanted to try but didn’t know how it would turn out. Now is the time. Hey, if you don’t like it… who’s gonna see it anyhow?
stylist should know your hair, its texture, and how you like to wear your hair. It’s also a way to keep them in business while they are probably out of work.

While there are so many things changing and evolving and uncertain, your hair doesn’t have to be one of them. Keep moisturizing, keep detangling, and when all else fails… get help.

your hair will get through this by Gods grace.

You Are MIHI… Made In His Image
Abby Anointedstyles

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