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Catholic worship leader and songwriter Sarah Kroger Releases Label Debut, Bloom Album, with Integrity Music. It features artists Adam Agin and John Tibbs as well as a cover of Amanda Cook’s “Pieces” featuring Audrey Assad, who also produced the album.

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Track Listing (co-writers) for Bloom Album:

  1. Bloom One (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad)
  2. For Us (Sarah Kroger, Sarah Hart)
  3. Highest (Sarah Kroger, Dom Quaglia, Jeremy Mayfield)
  4. Freedom In The Spirit (Feat. Adam Agin) (Sarah Kroger, Adam Agin)
  5. Open (Sarah Kroger, Sarah Hart, Ross King)
  6. Wildflower (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad)
  7. Pieces (Feat Audrey Assad) (Amanda Cook, Steffany Gretzinger)
  8. When I See You (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad)
  9. This Is My Story (My Song) (Feat. John Tibbs) (Sarah Kroger, Sarah Hart, Audrey Assad)
  10. Overcome (Sarah Kroger, Sarah Hart, PJ Anderson)
  11. Take Heart (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad, Matt Maher)
  12. Bloom Two (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad)
  13. When I See You (Live) (Sarah Kroger, Audrey Assad)

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