Listen & Download: Hillsong Worship – Take Heart (Again) Album

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Christian music powerhouse Hillsong Worship drops a new album titled “Take Heart (Again)” which feature “familiar newly potent declarations of Christ’s praise” per the band’s report on social media. The first track from the new collection is “Hosanna”.

Take Heart (Again) is a timely project. All three worship expressions of Hillsong Church (Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United and Hillsong Young and Free) came together to prayerfully craft an offering of songs, critical confessions of God’s unrivalled Lordship, His surpassing peace, the stillness of His presence and the hope that none but Jesus can offer. These songs are memorials, reminders of times and spaces where the power of God has moved mightily and will move once again. Featuring legacy songs, such as “Hosanna,” “Who You Say I Am,” and “Broken Vessels.”

Tracklisting – Take Heart (Again)

1. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

2. Still

3. Eagle’s Wings

4. Who You Say I Am

5. Hosanna

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