Psalmist Icon Worship Song ‘Without You’ Download Mp3 + Lyrics

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Psalmist Icon is back with new music audio titled; Without You. After the release of his previous single, ‘‘I Am’’ which was released earlier this year.

Without You is a worship song written by Sensational gospel music artist Psalmist Icon.
Sharing about the song he had this to say, ‘‘My personal experiences in life and how God has been there inspires me, I won’t make it this far without him. Hebrews 1:3b is also a great inspiration. God upholding the world with the power of His word! if He leaves it in flash we will all be lost.’’

Through this Holy Ghost inspired song, psalmist Icon wishes to let the world know the truth and see that his allegiance is to God Almighty and help others come to a realisation (just in case they forget) what we will be with and without God.

Without you was produced by Godsent for Soar Records


Without You Lyrics by Psalmist Icon

I’m lost without you God

Without you, I’ll be nowhere,
Heading Nowhere
Life makes no sense, without you
Without you, I’ll rise and fall down, move back and forward, there is no me without you.. Without..
It feels like living in a room without a roof,
It feels like walking on the street without a shoe,
It feels like up and down, back and forth without you… Yeaeee

I’m lost without you…God
without you Onye wem
(my creator).

I’m lost without you obimo (my heart) without you Onye wem,

I’m lost without you God, without you Onye wem..
I’m lost without you oooooooo.. without you obimo..
And let the people of the Lord rejoice for who we are in Christ Jesus. Ahhh thank you lord.

With you, all things are possible
I’m moving mountains
I’ll do all things through Christ living in me..
With you, I’m more than conqueror, living in prosperity, I am above not below
I can fly with no wings
Walk on the see
I can walk through the door without the keys
It feels so good… So good…with you…in you I am made..

I’m desperate for you…obimo
I’m desperate for you..

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