MUSIC: Taiwo Owoniyi – Amazing God

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United States based renowned Gospel music minister, Taiwo Owoniyi creates an atmosphere that connects the feeling of every category of people, Young and Old to God’s presence. His lyrics depict preaching, prayer and praises.

Speaking about the latest single “Amazing God”, Taiwo Owoniyi said; “Kneeling down in my room during one of my daily morning prayer as I begin to appreciate and worship the name of the Lord, my spirit was captured in deep thought and I begin to recount the supremacy and awesomeness of this one and only God that everything bow before him. How mighty is he that he made and set all things perfectly all by himself including his own kingdom far beyond the reach of man. He is a master of all knowledge, wisdom and ability of all men. His authority no one questions even though no one sees his face. His words are enough for acceptance. He listens and speaks at the same time. He surrounds himself with unending glory and spreads across the earth his beauty. What else can we call him if not the “AMAZING GOD”.

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