GAWVI – Noche Juvenil (New Album) Songs In Spanish Language

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GAWVI debuts his first Spanish-language project titled; Noche Juvenil. Being an influential hip-hop artist has also elevated his artistic career, developing into a renowned producer that has worked with many trailblazers in music such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Mandisa, TobyMac, Blanca, among others.

Undoubtedly, one of the more challenging processes on this project for GAWVI was singing in Spanish for the first time, even though he knows and speaks the language because of his Salvadorian and Dominican roots. However, through this musical discovery, he shares, “As you grow up, you are figuring out your identity and you sometimes have to backtrack to find out where you first started and that was me with this album. I’ve been on a journey and just about connecting with my roots, my Latin culture, and discovering more about myself.

The six-time Dove Award winner has built a career that has broken barriers, making him a pioneer in the music industry. This is why one of his objectives with this album, beyond connecting with the Latino community, is to pave the way for youth that feels voiceless and to provoke the change he wishes to see in music and in the journey of faith.

Noche Juvenil (2021) GAWVI

1. Noche Juvenil
2. El Hijo Del Pastor
3. Qué Pasó
4. Corillo
6. Pastor Jubilo
7. Tu Manera
8. Sin Miedo
10. La Verdad
11. 1822
12. Vigilia


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