Audio + Lyrics: Beatrice Sosipeter – Mungu Ni Pendo

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Prolific London-based gospel music minister, songwriter and anointed composer, Beatrice Sosipeter finally released the long awaited brand new single titled “Mungu Ni Pendo (God is Love)”.



Mungu atakushangaza hata wewe atakukumbuka, utainuka tena Mungu hana upeneleo

God will remember you and you will be surprised
(You will raise again for God shows no favoritism)

Anachofanya kwa wengine, atafanya kwako pia
(What He has done for others, He will do for you)

(Usilie futs machozi anza tena)
Don’t cry, wipe your tears and start again

Nayajua mawazo yangu ninayokuwazia, ni mawazo ya amani, wala si maovu
(For I know the thoughts I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil)

Nitkuweka juu, uushangaze ulimwengu
(I will set you on high, the world will be surprised)

Mimi ni Bwana, neno langu halitapita
(I am the Lord, my word shall not pass away)

Verse 2:
Nwana anasema kwamba msiogope, mimi nimetoa kutoka shimoni
(The Lord says do not fear, I have taken you out of the pit)

Mimi nimewaita kwa majina wewe ni wangu
(I have called you by name , you are mine)

Mimi ni Bwana, neno langu halitapi
(I am your Lord, my word shall not pass away)

God forgets no one
He is Compassionate and Merciful
He will do for you what He did for others
There is no reason to fear
They’re not a friend like Jesus
He knows all our troubles
He will guide till the day is done
No one else can heal our soul’s disease
Put all your trust in Him – Jesus.

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