Influence Music New Album “Ages (Live)” Download Now

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Influence Music, a faith based record label and artist collective is out with a new album project titled “Ages (Live),”

“Ages (Live)” Tracklist

1. God of the Ages (Live) (Ft. Matt Gilman) Lyrics

2. House of God (Live) (Ft. Whitney Medina) Lyrics

3. Glory, Honor, Power Lyrics

4. 10,000 Armies by Influence Music & Jonathan Traylor Lyrics

5. Devotion (Live) by Influence Music & Whitney Medina Lyrics

6. If It’s You (Live) (Ft. Melody Noel) Lyrics

7. Never Runs Dry by Influence Music & Matt Gilman Lyrics

8. Christ Messiah (Live) (Ft. Whitney Medina) Lyrics

9. Jesus (Live) (Ft. Jonathan Traylor & Melody Noel) Lyrics

10. Someone Worth Living For (Live) (Ft. Whitney Medina) Lyrics

11. Thief In the Night (Live) (Ft. Melody Noel) Lyrics

12. Stronger (Live/Bonus Track) (Ft. Matt Gilman) Lyrics

13. Prophesy (Live/Bonus Track) (Ft. Melody Noel) Lyrics


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