Frank Edwards – Oge Eruwo (The Time Has Come) Live Session

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This is not the official video but Frank Edwards live ministration session for “Oge Eruwo (The Time Has Come)”.

Watch video below

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Uhhmmm uhmmm eee
Iyee eee
ai ai ai
ewo ooo
ai ai ai uhmmm

Oge eruwo
Oge eruwo
Bia tuara Chukwunma mma
Oge eruwo

Though weeping may endure the night
But, joy comes in the morning
No, the delay is not denial
Jesus is always on time
He has done many things for me
He has done many things for you
so, come let us give Him praise
Maka oga eruwo

The time has come
The time has come

I can hear the crying of a baby now
(Oge eruwo)
I can see the lame walking now
(Oge eruwo)
I can see the cancer disappear
(Oge eruwo)
Ome mmgbe onyiri dibia
Ebube bia me k’isi eme
I can see you back on your feet again
Oge eruwo

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