Lyric Video: NEEDTOBREATHE – I Am Yours

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GRAMMY Award-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE released the official lyric video for “I Am Yours,” which can be viewed below. The anxiously awaited new studio album, Into The Mystery, released last month. The album is available physically and digitally via Elektra Records HERE. Limited edition merch offerings are available exclusively through NEEDTOBREATHE’s online store HERE.

“For us to be in a band this long, still enjoy it, and make what we believe is the best record NEEDTOBREATHE has ever made, it comes down to resiliency,” the band shared. “We’re still hungry. We’re ready to take the next step. We also don’t have passive fans. They are living their lives to these songs. They’re resilient. We’re pretty honored and proud to carry these songs into a world that’s hurting right now.

Maybe we could be a picture of hope that inspires someone else to keep going.”

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Sometimes I’m under starlit sky
But I’m feeling more like dirt
How do I forget so fast who you are and what that’s worth
Cause there’s an evidence of you in every corner of this life
So why do I still try to prove
That I don’t deserve your time

Cause I am yours
And you will always be mine
It seems like madness
I’m invited
To the table by your side
Cause I am yours
And you will always be mine
I’m a man whose one ambition
Is to dance with my divine
Cause I am yours and you are, you are, you are
You are mine

Sometimes I’m walking on a ledge
And I am afraid to just look down
It’s like I think I’m control
I’m giving gravity to doubt
But you love me where I am
Enough for you to not look back
And it’s the only kind of love
That I have ever felt like that

We say no don’t let the rain come
Cause we got our reservations
But the water that we need
Is bound to overtake us
If I had to write a story
Of the greatest love in time
I would have to sing of you
How I’m this branch and you’re the vine
And the romance that we have, oh it’s easy by design
I was fortunate to find you, I’m still blown away you’re mine

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