Patrick Mayberry – Our God Is Coming Back (Audio + Lyrics)

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Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader Patrick Mayberry released “Our God Is Coming Back,” which can be heard below. “Our God Is Coming Back” is available now to download or stream.

Let hope rise In the dead of night
Know the sun will rise again
Lift your eyes look past the fight
Though it hurts it’s not the end

There’s a promise of a kingdom
There’s a future filled with freedom

With a fire in His eyes Bringing hope, bringing life
Our God is coming back Our God is coming back
Every wrong, He will right every tear, He will dry
Our God is coming back Our God is coming back

So take heart In the hardest part
This world is not our home
Let peace in Let joy begin
‘Cause our king is on the throne

Soon, soon what’s broken will be new
Soon, soon the wait’ll be over
Soon, soon we’ll be standing there with You
Soon, soon we’re getting closer

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