Jon Foreman – Jesus, I Have My Doubts Lyrics + Mp3 Download

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Switchfoot frontman Jon Foreman has released a brand-new live version of his solo song “Jesus, I Have My Doubts.” The new live version of the track was recorded at Melody League Studios and an accompanying new video can be seen below. “This is a song that takes a swing at God,” shares Jon. “Asking the big questions at the end of a long, difficult season. This song is my honest attempt to sing into my doubts.”

“Jesus, I Have My Doubts” will be featured on Foreman’s upcoming live album, Roll Tape: Live From Melody League Studios, due out October 1st.

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Jesus, I’m sorry bout last night
Jesus, We both know that I tried
Jesus, it feels like the world’s in pieces
I’m sure You got Your reasons
But I got my doubts
Jesus, I got my doubts

When everything that’s right feels wrong
And all of my belief feels gone
And the darkness in my heart is so strong
Can you reach me here in the silence?
Singing these broken songs
Looking for the light for so long
But the pain goes on and on and on
Can You reach me here in the silence?

Jesus, what a week We’ve had
Jesus, has the world gone mad?
Jesus, feels like the world’s in pieces
I’m sure You’ve got Your reasons
But I’ve got my doubts
Jesus, I’ve got my doubts

Are You there? Can You hear me?
Do You care? Are You near me? Cause I’m scared and I’m weary
Are You there? Can You hear me?
Are You there?

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