Aaron Cole New Song “Front Row” Download Mp3 + Lyrics

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Aaron Cole released a new track titled “Front Row” from his upcoming album Two Up Two Down. The new collection is set to drop on October 15th but is available now to pre-order/pre-save.


They already know the state the city blessed
I been pointing up when I flex
Everybody can’t always steer the ship bro
If ya family don’t matter then ya wins low
‘Cause we been in the back since Rosa parks

Way before arenas and the charts
The energy around me been bizarre
And I ain’t lying when I say if it’s a wave I played a part
Jess, just texted and said the songs is climbing up
World been looking dark I’m finna light it up
We in a world where they always tryna get the glory
Bunch of nick young’s always tryna be Michael Jordan
He say last shall be first guess we first up
‘Cause we been playing last since the first book
Clout chasers end up wit the worst luck
It’s about what really matters and what matters is us

The new view is so unique
My team just hit a peak
The formula discrete and all my dawgs off the leash yea
I know
I know
All my dawgs sittin in the front row

She asked how I get where I am I told shorty I prayed
If I could I would take the money without the fame
People say bad habits never change but we use to get Ls so I told em I disagree

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