Andy Mineo Releases “Never Land II” Album, Mp3 Download

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Andy Mineo, an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, music executive, and video director finally releases his new album titled; Never Land II.

Imagine trying to release your album three times and the day before the third release date you get a call from your lawyers! #Copyrightinfringement. The album cannot be released because of one song! One song, “Been About It” ft Lecrae is the hold-up!!!

A man of the people, Andy Mineo, took to Atlanta’s Beltline with his partner-in-rhyme, Lecrae, to find out what the people had to say about the “banned” video and the legal concerns around this release. The song and video created to pay tribute to hip-hop’s icons had delayed the release of the entire album!

Before we release that video, let us take you through a few emotional moments from Andy! In order to release, Never Land II, by October 1st, he recorded a new version of “Been About It,” and a new video. With the new version and video for the song have filmed and recorded, he was given the thumbs to release! Until then stream the album here. Visuals to come!

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