DOWNLOAD MP3: Switch Music – ? (Lyrics Video)

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Switch Music releases the official lyric video for “?,” which can be viewed below. “?” is from their latest project, Better View, Part II.

“This project is special to me because, during the times when I felt the most doubt or had the biggest questions, I felt too ashamed to ask them,” said Luke Guevara from Switch. “My prayer is that these songs create a space for wrestling with doubt, acknowledging uncertainty, and embracing the journey of faith.”

Part II of the Better View project follows the fall 2021 release of Better View, Part I. This project brings a Top 40 sound with a 90’s influence, bridging the gap between pop music and Christian lyrics. As with Better View, Part I, the release and theme of Part II come from the group’s hope that as people listen to the songs, they will gain a better view of God and how much He loves them.

“We are passionate about creating songs that combine a modern sound with the truth of the Gospel, and we wrote this album for anyone who is struggling with questions about their faith, especially students and young adults,” shares Switch’s Cassidy Estevez. “This is the first generation that’s growing up with so much exposure to unfiltered hardships across the world and social media comparison as a part of everyday life. We wrote these songs to help them navigate these difficulties with a faith perspective.”

Hold tight
Just keep on driving
Dark night
Where’s the horizon?
Will I ever see the light again?

Trying to find You
Can’t seem to get through
Tell me
Tell me, where do I begin?

Can You hear me?
I’m crying out to You
I really hope that You do
Are You all right with my question mark?

Can You see them?
The broken, lost, and abused
It doesn’t seem like You do
Are You all right with my question mark?

I see
So much injustice
Dying and hopeless
Will we ever see the end of this?

I know You
Never stopped talking
I must have stopped listening
But now that I’m looking
I’m paying attention
You said
You won’t leave us
So where are You now?

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